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Biography of Ludus: cartoonist and illustrator

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Ludus, in the world Daniele Imperi, is a cartoonist by Rome, Italy. He has begun like an self-taught person, drawing everything, obviously humorous everything.

He works with cartooning since 1996, putting advertisements in a magazine. Since then I've realized cartoons and gadgets characters, wish cards, drawings for leaf-lets for publishing houses, companies, shops.

Artistic studies

In 1998 he joins the Roman School of Comics, attending the course of drawing and Technique of Comic (two-year and one od specialization).


In 1999 he begisn the collaboration with the Golden Italia Editrice, drawing cartoons for the magazine "Il Mercatino del Collezionista" and since march 2003 Gente Motori, a car magazine published by Rusconi, to draw humorous cartoons for some articles. In 2005 he draws cartoons for the magazine Tutto Moto too.


The techniques used are, for the black and white, the good pen with the China ink, now with the dotted. For the color he uses the Pantone markers, professional, with, sometime, washable pencils.


His style has been always humoristic and grotesque and follows the Masters as Jacovitti, Bonvi & Magnus, Schulz & Cegar, incomparable and inimitable in their genre.
He also appreciates obviously the great Authors of the past, preferring the classic Michelangelo, Raffaello, Leonardo & Giotto, the illusionist Arcimboldo & the Caravaggio, but also the more actual Salvador Dalì, Magritte & Botero and the illustrators Rockwell, Winslow Homer, Carl Larsson & the Brothers Hildebrandt and, last but not least, the ingenius Escher.

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